Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Wind on HIs Bald Head

A mixed day today. Grumpy Gills but did allow himself some fun and progress. Friends Mira and Isher (big kids whom he adores) came to visit. (I'll add a silly mustache pic tomorrow.) Then Pops came with his convertible. When Pops left, of course we had to walk him out to the valet attendant. And of course Aidan needed to feel the wind on his bald head. So we hopped in (breaking a few more rules in the process), and drove a loop around the front of the Clinical Center. It was well worth it.

And now for the progress part...

Aidan drank 2 sips of yogurt! Through a combination of subtle and finessed efforts, reason, natural incentives, sticker charts and even out right bribery(the promise of a very cool Thomas toy), oh and did I mention morphine, Aidan was very brave and tried the yogurt. His throat still does hurt, but he seemed to really enjoy tasting his yogurt again and was excited about the progress.

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