Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Remarkably, once Aidan awoke from his propafol (short-acting intravenous nonbarbituate sedative agent) induced slumber yesterday he was charming (no sarcasasm!). It was his best day since admission!! No morphine for break-through pain. He played and smiled and was as active as a 5 year old tethered to an IV pole who hasn't eaten for over two weeks can be. Go figure. His POB (attending pediatric oncologist from the floor) felt the improvement might be due to the three-day weekend without treatments. He did get a tranfusion in the afternoon, but the trend for the day was already well established by that time. I'll take it whatever the explanation.

We started the "cone down" (i.e., focal boosts) this morning. How's that for jargon? He sleeps as I type, so no news yet for today. Stay tuned...

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