Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finished CSI!

The good news is Aidan had his last CSI (full brain and spine) treatment today! He has 11 treatments left all of which will be focal boosts to tumor sites.

You might gather that the good news implies some not so good news... The down side of having received the last CSI treatment is that this will be the toughest week yet for side-effects. If yesterday is any indication, the next week will suck (i.e, pain, nausea, breakdown of skin, the super-duper crankies...). There is comfort in hitting bottom however - the bottom means that there is only one way to go!

Meanwhile, I'm exploring options to help Aidan sleep through as much of the next week as possible. For myself, I've asked that the team order vodka. Unfortunately, they've informed me that this is a dry campus. Coffee will have to do I guess.

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