Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Couple of Weeks with Dad

Patu has been visiting with Aidan since Jan 19th. Aidan is thrilled to see his dad! They have done a lot of guy stuff including: devouring the Captain Underpants books, building a model sail/motor boat, covering our first floor with an extensive track system, video gaming, computer tech set up, and so on... Aidan is loving every minute of it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dress Ups

Today we got back into the dress-ups. Not sure who had the most fun. See what you think.

Jan 20-22

Aidan's dad arrived for a visit in the early hours of the morning. Aidan was adamant that he wanted to meet him at the airport, so we did sometime around 2AM. Aidan was ecstatic to see him and beamed with smiles.

Aidan and Patu spent most of the day Wed just hanging around the house while I was out catching up on errands. Sorry for the lack of photo documentation of the day. Thursday he had a failed/aborted trip to school with Aidan insisting he wasn't going to school if his dad couldn't come with him. Friday we didn't bother trying the school thing, so Aidan and his dad had the day together at the house while I was off at a conference. Activities apparently included trampoline, sandbox, Nerf gun battle, and Playdo. We do have a couple of pics of the Playdo as well as the Toy Story play and the dress-ups that followed my return home.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back in Action

Monday, MLK day, was Aidan's first day playing outside since getting sick. He jumped on the trampoline and rode his bike. He fell asleep on the way to music (perhaps we over did it a bit?), but had a great time at music once he woke up.

Today, Tuesday, he went back to school!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend with Carolyn and Carole

The highlight of Aidan's week was Carolyn's and Carole's visit! Saturday we went back to the Painted Plate and afterward had Pizza. Sunday we played around the house.

Still Lounging

Aidan was still laying low on Friday (i.e., activities centered on electronica). Here he is with his DS.


Aidan felt pretty punky on the 13th. By mid-day his fever was back, and he was rolling around on the floor moaning. I asked him if he'd like to go see the doctor. He said, "Yes." Turns out he had pneumonia. Though he stayed home for the rest of the week, it didn't keep him down for long. Amy took this video on Thursday night (14th).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Periods of Grumpy Mixed with Fun

Aidan has a cold which has kept him home from school the past two days. He's definitely sick (wouldn't pass the heath inspection at school), but not so much so that he hasn't been able to maneuver some big fun at home. Today he spent a good while on Wii Sport and Outdoor Life Active Challenge. Of course, he then spiked a fever and spent the next 4 hours horizontal. But he was up and at 'em by the time Amy arrived. Since his new air hockey table came in the mail today (thanks Vanida and Bob), he and Amy demonstrated some superior teamwork and put it together. (See picture.) They did get to test out the table when they were done or, in Aidan's case, while "they" were working on it. Two thumbs up!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Weekend

Friday ended up being a snow day - two hours late for a half-day, so why go in? Never mind that we only had an inch of snow... Aidan and I made the most of it - he woke up ahead of me and had an elaborate track well underway by the time I got up. We spent the rest of the morning working on the railway, built another level on the K'nex roller coaster we're building, visited Playmobil world and so on. Aidan never changed out of his PJ's all day.

Saturday morning was much of the same (still in PJ's). Mid-day we left for Alexandria, VA where we had an enchanting evening with Amy, Lael, Ray, Tessa and Emily Joy. Check out our dance videos!

We left Amy's and headed for Vanida's and Bob's where we spent Saturday night. Aidan fell asleep on route - sorry Bob! We did make up for it on Sunday with big fun, leisurely style. We started the day off with Up (the movie). After that we make train out of the clay Amy had given Aidan. Tong joined in too (he's responsible for the cobra). Then Aidan, Vanida and Bob rode in a train of their own. Glasses required.

January 2 and 3

Another leisurely morning in Philly, and then we were off to see Harold and the Purple Crayon. After that, Aidan and I headed home to meet Ali, Lizzie, Chris, Em, Nini and Pops for dinner. We went to Aidan's all-time favorite restaurant, Giordano's!

The next day, we had a great time painting pottery at The Painted Plate. Good suggestion Ali and Lizzie!

New Years Day

We enjoyed New Year's Day leisurely building a gingerbread train and playing in Three Bears Park. See if you can spot Wallace, Gromit and Feathers McGraw in the train.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting Caught Up

We spent New Year's Eve in Philly with Jo, Carole, Ruby, Jasmine and Sophie (unfortunately Sophie declined to be photographed). We had a pleasant, quiet evening and then fell asleep watching the Penn's Landing fireworks.