Sunday, July 19, 2009

Slow but Steady

Aidan is entering his fifth week as an inpatient with only three treatments left. His weight is much lower than it was, but has stabalized. He has onging nausea and pain for which he is being medicated. Today he rode the borrowed trike again in the morning and then was able to spend several hours out of the hospital. Over the day, he drank a whole cup of yogurt! We are still hoping that discharge will be possible by Friday. We'll see... No pictures from today. I'll try to take some more tomorrow.


  1. We are so happy he managed to drink a whole cup of yogurt! GO BOBBY! His cousins MISS HIM SO MUCH and are so bummed they have had colds and cannot come to visit. We are keeping our fingers crossed and saying many prayers for a Friday discharge - hang in there Julie and Aidan. XO Em

  2. Yogurt? I wonder if I can get Costco to drop ship some to you directly! We are thinking about you...we sent Aidan's belated Birthday present this week...a set of different shaped rubber noses that will go nicely with the faux mustaches he is wearing in the photos on the blog! We miss you! (But don't have high speed internet here in the PacNoWe so can't send comments as often as we'd like.) Love, Darla, Hollis and Elle (P.S. Tell Aidan that our two "girl" guinea pigs now have a family of three guinea pig babies...he'll have to see them when he comes home! Who would have thought There would become a guinea pig midwife?)