Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting Closer

Day 33. We're still here. Aidan is asleep after a long night. Yesterday was MRI day. Nothing by mouth in the morning (aka NPO for sedation). He was under sedation from 11-3 and then slow to wake up after that. He did take his Zofran (antiemetic) by mouth in the afternoon. The oral Zofran is not working as well for him (absorption factors), so he became nauseous and threw up his second oral dose plus a good bit of yogurt during the night. Back to fluids and IV Zofran for the remainder of the night.

The MRI. Aidan's scan was scheduled as part of the study he's in here at NIH. He would normally not have one done this soon after radiation, as is too early to draw any meaningful conclusions. Radiation typically causes some swelling. Also, there continue to be changes on the cellular level for several weeks following treatment. That said, there was some enlargement of Aidan's spinal lesion. Again, it is too soon to know how to interpret this finding. Aidan is scheduled for another scan on September 10. At that time, we'll know more.

The Plan. We'll work today to see if we can get a combination of oral meds in place to adequately control his nausea. Nausea seems to be the primary factor impeding discharge. He is otherwise strong and rearing to go.


  1. Sorry about the setback - let's hope today you find the right combo of oral meds. We can't wait to get you here. Love, M, D, N, E, C, A & L

  2. Vamos a la playa! We're wishing for a speedy discharge so that sun in the fun with sandy toes is just around the corner. We love you both very much! Merce, Kevin, y Stella