Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Mystery Solved

So I had a hunch after watching Aidan today, that nausea is what is keeping him from drinking his yogurt. It took him the entire day to drink 10 oz. Half of that he consumed shortly after receiving his 4 PM dose of Zofran (antiemetic). At 10 PM I asked for a second anti-nausea medication. I told the nurse I was doing an experiment. Minutes after the infusion was started, Aidan spontaneously picked up his cup and started drinking. Then within the next hour and a half he drank the better part of a second cup (7-8 oz total). Stopped because his stomach was full. Nurse will be reporting about it tomorrow!

Now for some fun... Aidan loves to assist the nurses when they take his vitals. Here he is attempting a temp. Enjoy!

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