Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Now I Am Five!

Aidan turned five on Monday! The celebration started on the Friday before his birthday and continues. His room is decorated and festive and he's busy telling people he's five now.

He's looking forward to a big celebration with all of his friends later this summer when he's home and able to really enjoy it. Meanwhile, family and local friends have been visiting when he's up for it.

1 comment:

  1. WHOO-HOO! Hippo birdies two ewes, Bobby! I am so proud of you shooting all those white coats (doctors) with your foam fun gun! Way to go! If I was there with you, we would DEFINITELY take hostages in a fun way! HEY! Ask your mom to get you some silly string and then you can hide it and when the doctor listens to your heart and lungs, you can pull it out and SPRAY THEM! They will never think you have THAT because you can't drive yet! Well, at least not a car that is on the street. I know you drive your fun ones at your school because the picture is right next to this note! Okay, happy birthday boy! I have to go - love you and love your mom too - kiss her and have her kiss you for me! You can exchange WALL*E kisses! They're recyclable!

    Wall*E in Wilmington