Friday, July 3, 2009

The Big Outing

Aidan now has a fentanyl (narcotic) patch and can be disconnected from his IV tubing for brief periods of time. Today he was able to go to the Children's Inn (on the NIH campus) for a while. He chose to play pool, air hockey and several Wii games then went to the playground briefly. When he returned to his room he was tired and took a very long nap. His nurse woke him for vitals and medication at 8 pm. Julie asked if he needed a minute to wake up and he answered yes and added that he would need 20 minutes!

He's awake as we write this post and there's no clear sign that bedtime is approaching. . .


  1. Happy 4th of July...Aidan, we're delinquent and sending your Birthday gift by snail mail today...oops! Monday. Julie, I'm glad Carolyn is back home so you have someone to drink your good wine with! Take care. Darla

  2. Happy 4th to Bobby and Julie -
    I love you both,