Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fun and Games

The upward trend continues! Yesterday, after Aidan awoke from sedation, a package was delivered to his room - a belated b-day present from friends Lily, Ruby and May. Now, on a good day, a remote controlled Lightning McQueen would be a score. But when you're in the hospital with a captive nursing staff, it's the mother load of prank potential... So we spent the early part of the afternoon ambushing anyone who set foot in the room. Here's the low-down: car would be stashed where it had a straight shot to the door. Aidan would lie innocently in his bed, controller in hand. Someone would be summoned to the room, and KAPOW! Lightning would careen out of his hiding place and crash into their feet.

When the staff was all ambushed out, cousins Ali and Lizzie arrived for a visit. The fun and games continued on the playground, where LMcQ did death defying stunts on the slide. Though we did have a return visit from Grumpy Gills (Aidan's alter-ego) in the evening, the day was a pretty outstanding one.

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