Friday, October 23, 2009

Way Overdue!

So I haven't been so great about posting lately. I guess the good news in that Aidan is doing much better and settling into a pretty typical routine. Of course, I've missed a few of the highlights, so I'll do my best to catch up with those and post regularly again. If the posts get too mundane, please comment accordingly.

I think I really left off with the conclusion of our trip to Chicago. We spent our last hour there romping around the park. Enjoy the pics.

Then we got back and had some chill time (i.e., quiet evening followed by sick day from school). The evening of our return, Aidan did some work on my halloween costume. Well actually he did his "work" while wearing the costume. The next day, he adaptively turned feeling sick into a situation of treating Vanida using his high tech medical cart and equipment (cart compliments of Francisco!).

Last but not least, Aidan has been enjoying autumn and the anticipation of halloween. He took a wolf spider alive in a bug box to school today. Tonight he carved a pumpkin with Amy.

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