Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Aidan has had a big few days. Sunday morning he spent creating and orchestrating life in various worlds (train, Lego pirate island, the Castle of the Crazy Cat Lady and Co, and Bobby's kitchen).
Vanida and Bob took him to Longwood for the afternoon, and then Carole had a date with him that evening.

Aidan had a full day of school on Monday followed by music therapy. When we got home we finished a joint art project we had started in his art class (I joined in part way through the afternoon), and then he helped me make a salad!

He tells you in his own words what he did today... Translation: I had a flu shot (H1N1) and I got to shoot the nurses (with his water gun) and then after that I went to Borders and got a Sonic (comic book)! What he doesn't tell you is that he later went to school then had a fun evening with Amy.

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  1. So glad to hear the Crazy Cat Lady is alive and well and Aidan is caring for her!