Sunday, August 2, 2009

Light on the Horrizon

We arrived at the beach a week ago Sunday, and what a difference a week makes! Aidan is gaining strength and confidence by the day. He fatigues easily and still needs a lot of vegetative time (as in computer and video), but his interactions are richer, his frustration tolerance greatly improved, and his sense of humor back. Today, he made it out of the house only once - to chase down the snowball truck. That was fine though considering the storms and flash flooding. (I did make it out briefly and had to wade back to the car after my errand - pants rolled up to my knees and all.) He had a blue snowball and loved it.


  1. Glad to hear that Aidan is getting stonger by the day! We are thinking of you everyday! Lots of Love, Megan and Laura

  2. What terrific news. Thanks for the continual updates. Our family loves checking in on you guys frequently. Love,
    Bonnie and family