Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Good Day with Amy (and Dan)

Aidan seemed to really enjoy his day which was mostly spent with Amy. They managed a lunch outing, an errand and some time at her house as well as at ours. Here he is with his gaming buddy Dan (who also happens to be Amy's husband!).


  1. Julie: I must have been totally self-interested when I suggested you start a blog...because I feel blessed to be able to dial in at any time and hear how your summer is going especially with the difference in our time zones. I am so glad you're home after a long stint away. I keep trying to make out the furniture in the background (e.g., in the photo where Aidan is playing the drum)...did you get your new sofa yet??? Sorry we will miss the Baathday party...have a great time! Darla

  2. Julie - Aidan looks so wonderful! I love seeing him so happy and his most amazing smile!! When you have a spare moment (haha) would you mind emailing me a copy of the picture of Aidan and I? I miss you both. Jean.