Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Drumming Along

Another day, another few steps. Aidan spent a good bit of the day with Amy while I did some much needed catch-up with admin/household items. They went for a swim - his first since early June, and they went out for lunch - another first since June! Then more train time in his loft - which now has one continuous track covering most of the surface area. He fits fine. For the rest of us, it's a tight squeeze. Between those activities and waking up early (no more adolescent schedule!) he was pretty well smoked, so the rest of the day was mostly quiet (i.e., time spent with electronic devices). Except, when he heard me vacuuming and wanted to help! Here is my one shot of him from today. Drumming. He slept with the drum and woke me up by pounding on it rapidly. By the time I took the video, we had worked our way downstairs and, thankfully I had had some coffee.

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