Monday, January 11, 2010

The Weekend

Friday ended up being a snow day - two hours late for a half-day, so why go in? Never mind that we only had an inch of snow... Aidan and I made the most of it - he woke up ahead of me and had an elaborate track well underway by the time I got up. We spent the rest of the morning working on the railway, built another level on the K'nex roller coaster we're building, visited Playmobil world and so on. Aidan never changed out of his PJ's all day.

Saturday morning was much of the same (still in PJ's). Mid-day we left for Alexandria, VA where we had an enchanting evening with Amy, Lael, Ray, Tessa and Emily Joy. Check out our dance videos!

We left Amy's and headed for Vanida's and Bob's where we spent Saturday night. Aidan fell asleep on route - sorry Bob! We did make up for it on Sunday with big fun, leisurely style. We started the day off with Up (the movie). After that we make train out of the clay Amy had given Aidan. Tong joined in too (he's responsible for the cobra). Then Aidan, Vanida and Bob rode in a train of their own. Glasses required.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all your good times

    Love Carole