Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jan 20-22

Aidan's dad arrived for a visit in the early hours of the morning. Aidan was adamant that he wanted to meet him at the airport, so we did sometime around 2AM. Aidan was ecstatic to see him and beamed with smiles.

Aidan and Patu spent most of the day Wed just hanging around the house while I was out catching up on errands. Sorry for the lack of photo documentation of the day. Thursday he had a failed/aborted trip to school with Aidan insisting he wasn't going to school if his dad couldn't come with him. Friday we didn't bother trying the school thing, so Aidan and his dad had the day together at the house while I was off at a conference. Activities apparently included trampoline, sandbox, Nerf gun battle, and Playdo. We do have a couple of pics of the Playdo as well as the Toy Story play and the dress-ups that followed my return home.

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