Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween and Beyond!

After much planning and anticipation, we played Halloween quietly. It was raining. That didn't matter too much for Aidan who had a super cool vinyl Buzz Lightyear costume (thanks Bonnie!). The only part of it that doesn't repel water is the hood. But we had been to the theater in the afternoon with Ruby and Bonnie (Aidan did go dressed in full halloween regalia), and he was coming down with something. We ended up having a Halloween sleep over with Carole and Jo. Pics are of Aidan having quiet time and making a brief appearance at their court yard party.

He's been to school Monday and today. Tuesday he had a sick day at home. Tonight he was in bed before 6 - unheard of! And asleep before 7 - shocking!

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  1. love you Aidan, you are a brilliant
    Buzz Lightyear