Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Lot of Time in the Car

Aidan had a fantastic bulking dinner last night (1.5 cups drinkable yogurt and a plate of french fries). Then we came home, and I attempted to brush his teeth. Must have touched a ticklish spot, because up it all came bubbling and frothing out of his mouth and all over the bed. He fell asleep with a totally empty stomach. Not surprisingly he was too tired for school at 8:30 this morning. So after I drove him there and we sat on the bench "discussing options" for 20 minutes we returned home. Only between the time he woke up and returned home, he drank another 1.5 cups of yogurt, so he was perking up - much like a dry house plant does about an hour after you water it. So we went back. He stayed 2 hours! Meanwhile I sat in the car (a Prius hybrid - or a "hippie car" as Nick calls it), power off. Only I turned it on to put the window down. Though I turned it off again, I did not open the door - since I was sitting in it for two hours. So when I went back in to get Aidan 2 hours later, I couldn't put the window up. Got Aidan, called AAA, called MOM... Long story short, it seems I may have inadvertently run the battery out (so the guy at the dealership tells me. Supposedly the operating system continues operating until the door is opened. The dealership incidentally is where the car is tonight.) After another couple of hours in/near the car, Aidan and I returned home to pack for DC. Now hopefully you see where this story is going... We are back at Carolyn and Carole's house. Another follow-up tomorrow. We'll meet the new oncologist at CNMC and finally get some feedback and treatment recommendations about Aidan's scan from last Thursday. Whew.

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