Sunday, September 27, 2009

Constructing a Medical Cart


Aidan's big activity on Friday was constructing a medical cart. It all started in the morning... We woke up in a leisurely manner. He read a toy catalogue (see first picture) and found a $44.00 medical cart he simply could not live without. I suggested we try making one. Remarkably he was amenable to the idea, so we ventured forth in search of raw material.

Our travels took us to the barn and to Nini's house. Ultimately we settled on a plan to construct the cart out of cardboard and other materials left over from his party. We began our work by studying the prototype (see second photo). Aidan drank yogurt all the while (see yogurt cup in pics 1-2). Then wham bam allacazam we had a medical cart (see photo 3 titled, "lalalalalala" and, on a more serious note, photo 4 titled, "satisfaction").

Amazing thing was, Saturday (medical carts raineth down) there was a knock on the door. Francisco (cameo in "Aidan Saws Wood"), had heard tell of Aidan's cart from Maria, Mauricio and Juan who had stopped by the night before. He incidentally had first heard of the cart when Aidan and I went looking for wood at the barn. I digress... So Francisco decided to make a cart himself. This one of course was far cooler than the one we had made - in that it was made out of wood and had real wheels where ours just had felt pads on dowels. So one thing led to another and we spent the late afternoon out in the driveway painting cart #2. (Sorry no pics. Instead, please imagine two tiered now-black cart on wheels, paint spots on the driveway, etc...)

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