Monday, December 14, 2009

Tree Trimming

Aidan has been talking trees for a couple of weeks now, and I promised that Saturday after his MRI we'd get one. So we did. We faced a big decision over whether to go the live or cut route. Aidan really, really wanted a big tree, but can't stand the idea of composting a cut tree. As you might imagine, we did considerable shopping around before finding a great compromise - a medium sized live tree at a reasonable price (from a store that's going out of business).

Next dilemma was how to get it in the house. Lucky for us, Francisco and Teribio were still around. Though they struggled and strained over what was reportedly a 300lb tree/rootball combo, we were able to decorate it same day! Thanks guys. Karen joined us, and we had a lovely evening getting ready for the holidays. Of course Elizabeth was a part of the preparations, though I think she's planning to celebrate Christmas in the tropics. Betty, Aidan was ecstatic to be reunited with his Thomas and Percy ornaments as well has his Jetson's and Fisher Price barn ornaments! Thank you for single handedly stocking the tree with his favorites!

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