Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Zest for Life

Aidan (aka Bobby) is a happy, exuberant, sociable almost 5 year old. He loves many, many people. He has an unusual ability to engage and connect with people and, as a result, has a rich circle of friends. More than anything he enjoys spending time with the people he loves.

He also loves:
trains - EVERY train and everything about every train
music - Wipeout, "Pepper Beatles" (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band), "Whole Lot of Lovin" (Fats Domino, of course), "Don't Ever Step on a Snake" and on and on ...
animals, especially cats
chicken nuggets
going to the beach
playing outside
anything blue

Aidan goes to a Friends preschool. He has three cats, Mickey, Quincy and Thomas, and a dog, Jasmine.

Oh, and he has had a few medical trials... Aidan was diagnosed with a brian tumor (choroid plexus carcinoma) when he was 4.5 months old. He had a recurrence at 26 months and at 4.5 years. He has had numerous surgeries and two courses of chemotherapy, but he has emerged from it all with his wonderful spirit and sense of humor intact.
He is an extraordinary, loving, joyful child. This blog is a celebration of him (and a way to keep his fan club up to date).

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  1. From Vanida & Bob:
    We spent Sunday afternoon with Bobby.
    Plyed golf on Wii - he shoots for the water instead of thew hole; air hockey - he puts the puck in his opponents goal; pool - he uses the cue like a bat.
    Same old Bobby and no one can tell him otherwise